Funding Your Project

emr motukaroro2Northland students celebrate the opening of the Whangarei Harbour Marine reserveFunding your group or project is always a challenge, but the good news is that the non-profit charitable sector is growing all the time and the funding base likewise is growing. So dive in and make a start by finding out who is doing what in New Zealand to support groups and projects like yours. It is often challenging for groups to get there first funding application accepted as they usually have no past background of results and successful management. However, a number of funding organisations take this into account so it is just one criterion that you need to investigate along with the others that vary from funder to funder. The game is to understand all this and be able to demonstrate that you can manage all aspects of the project well and achieve results that are significant to the funder and yourself. 

We are providing some information here to get you going but understand that to be successful you have to really master this area of work and do your own research and planning. 

Minimise Funding Needed

Keep your funding requirements to a minimum. Initially, this can be done by designing your programme to be as 'light-weight' as possible. You can also run small trials and utilise an iterative design process. When you have designed the most efficient programme utilise volunteers where possible (see e.g. conservation volunteers NZ)

Logic Models

When applying for funds you're going to need to put a funding proposal together. Many funders like to see a 'logic model'. A logic model is a way to describe the components of your programme and the impacts and outcome it will have. More information on logic models can be found on the web. We suggest you search funding 'logic models New Zealand'.

Generosity NZ - Funding Database

An excellent online funding database is available in New Zealand. The GivUs section of the Generosity NZ funding database can be accessed free online at most public libraries around NZ. Some libraries (e.g. the Whangarei Central Library) allow you to log on remotely via their website if you are a library member.
GivUS website link       

Funds and Grants

We have prepared a word document which lists funding organisations and some basic information and contact details for you to use to begin your research. Note that on the GivUs website you can see specific information on 'funding criteria' and 'purposes funded'.

Download our funding sources spreadsheet

Legal Structures

This is another challenge for your group if you are just beginning, however, you are not alone here on the web you can find a lot of information pertaining to which legal structure and legal requirements would suit your group and project the best. We suggest you google the search; 'forming a charity which legal structure'.


roger mr inside outA drawing prepared by Roger Grace which depicts the differences between a fished coast and a marine reserve in northern New Zealand

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