Social Science and Community Engagement

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We have created an archive of resources. There is a listing of research (46) papers and documents with brief descriptions to guide your reading and study. All these resources are selected because they add something to understanding how to work with communities on marine conservation and / or how to create an effective process.

In New Zealand and internationally, time and time again, it has been shown that how people engage with a marine conservation campaign or planning process has a significant bearing on how successful it is. Social science in its many forms provides the tools to get this right.

These resources are coded in our download list in the following categories:

Consultation examples

How to

Economic analysis

Ecosystem valuation


Marketing conservation


Opinion surveys

This archive supports the section on consultation, Working with Your Community

Go to the    Social Science & Community Engagement Archive

RVG 31 10 2006 Swimming the fish transectCommunities can get involved in studies and monitoring, photo by Roger Grace

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