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List of publication covering the topics of consultation with community, social research and economic impacts of marine reserves.

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Kerr_2003_Brief_MR_Management_Committees 43.5 KB
ME_and_Kerr_consultants_2013_scoping_report_tutukaka_marine_park 1.33 MB Benefits A multi-discipline look at the proposed Marine Park concept for the Tutukaka Coast Northland. Looks at benefits, examines the crucial role of biodiversity outcomes and the suggested area of marine reserves within the Park. Discusses uncertainty around the contribution and effectiveness of locally based fishing regulations
Grace_2002_Benefits_of_MRs 33.5 KB Benefits Short article on benefits of marine reserves by Dr Roger Grace based on his extensive experience with marine reserves and marine ecology
Sobel_Benefits_96 39.5 KB Benefits A comprehensive checklist of the benefits of marine reserves gleaned from the international literature.
Hoskings_2006_Benefits_Taputeranga_MR 128.19 KB Benefits A study of benefits of establishing the Wellington marine reserve
DoC_2004_Benefits_O_MRs-SJOwen 128 KB Benefits An information paper on benefits of marine reserves prepared by a DOC staffer, useful list and description of benefits.
Grace_2015_Why_Do_We_Need_No-take_Zones_for_Marine_Spatial_Plan 6.87 MB Benefits Dr Roger Grace lays out in simple terms to the Hauraki Gulf Spatial Plan participants why marine reserves must be considered fully in their process.
DOC_2006_Mimiwhangata-submissions-analysis 111.19 KB Consultation examples A DOC report which analysis the submissions to the 2005 Mimiwhangata marine reserve proposal
Bernstein_2004_Lessons_learned_NOAA_MPA_process_report 1.98 MB Consultation examples A report based on US case studies that details what has work and not worked in MPA process - excellent international reference.
Peterson_2005_MythConsensus 104.01 KB Consultation examples This is an international paper which challenges current thinking on the role of reaching 'consensus' in relation to achieving conservation and biodiversity protection goals.
Lundquist_2006_Strategie_Intergrating_Social_Political_Scientific 135.11 KB Consultation examples Examination of how marine protection process can be supported by systematic planning and computer modeling and cost benefit analysis. Example of the use Maxan spatial planning tools.
Jarvis_and_Breen_2015_NZ_Citizen_sci_Public_participation_HGMSP_2015 2.65 MB Consultation examples An important paper that looks at the role and value of citizen science in the context of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan process.
Guardians-fiordland_2003_response_to_submissions 483 KB Consultation examples An useful summary of response to submissions and objectors of Fiordland draft plan.
Great_Barrier_2016_voluntaryfishingcodereport 3.81 MB Consultation examples A useful example of a voluntary fishing accord project
Kerr_2003_MR_Bill_Submission 54.5 KB Consultation examples Submission to the MR Amendment Bill covers issues around marine reserve creation process and working with Iwi-hapu
Ballantine_2002_Objections_explored 44.62 KB Consultation examples Bill Ballantine lists and makes notes on how to deal with common objectives
DoC_2003_GBI_MR_Questionaire 297 KB Consultation examples Community questionnaire use in the Great Barrier Island marine reserve campaign
Clover_Darlene_2002_Art__Environmental_Activism 64.5 KB Consultation examples Keynote address NZAEE 2002 Conference Title: The Nature of Transformation: Environmental Adult Education Through Aesthetic Educative Action
Akaroa_vs_DOC_2012_H_court_decision 2.46 MB Court decision High Court decision reversing DOC's initial recommendation to not proceed with Akaroa marine reserve. Importance is the statement on weighing benefits of marine reserve against objectors.
Hunt_2008_Leigh_marine_reserve_Economic_Analysis 962.03 KB Economic analysis An important study of the economic impact of the marine reserve on the Leigh community
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