Marine Reserve Design

List of New Zealand and international publications covering many aspects of the design of marine reserves and networks of marine reserves.

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Gaines_2003_Oversights_in_MR_Design 308.33 KB International A broad global synthesis of what is working what is not with recommendations going forward
Edgar_et_al__2014_-_Marine_Design_requirements 4.37 MB International An important design paper by a leading Australian marine scientist, summarises learning from past success and failures
Davis_2006_MR_Design_Channel_Is 139.21 KB International An example from California of a design of a network of marine reserves around offshore islands
Green_et_al_2008_Designing_MPA_Networks_A_Practitioner_Guide 4.63 MB International A comprehensive international study of the design process and requirements for creating networks of marine protected areas.
CBD_Tech_Bull_No_13 462.88 KB International The fundamental statement of prinicples and goals for designing and marine reserves and networks of marine reserves produced by an IUCN technical committee, NZ scientists played a major role in this publication
Leslie_2003_Phd_Thesis_MR_Design 1.63 MB International A comprehensive technical report which looks at the development and use of the GIS based Marxan decision support modeling tool for the design of marine protected areas. Several significant international case studies are used to discuss the tools capabilities.
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