About This Resource

070928pk sponge kelpThis web resource has been born out of the experience of running marine reserve campaigns. The Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust editorial team lead by Vince Kerr has been involved with many marine reserve investigations and proposals including the Kamo High School Whangarei Harbor Marine Reserve project. 

We believe that there is an urgent need to create an effective network of marine reserves for New Zealand. This resource aims to reduce the hard slog and confusion associated with the crucial jobs of information gathering, planning, consultation and proposal and application writing.


btf6 fred flowers coopers beachA common sight once in New Zealand, but sadly rare today, we can do better for our futureI would like to thank the countless people who have contributed to marine conservation initiatives in New Zealand. They are heroes of the Ocean and they know who they are. 

This website would not have happened without the Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust who enthusiastically supported the vision and effort to take this step. Dean Wright has provided the technical ability to make the website fly and advised on many design decisions. Dean is always there helping to make a difference for marine conservation. Thanks go to Niki Wakefield who contributed to the first stage of the project urging us to get behind the idea. Diane Kerr has volunteered her time generously to do proofreading and editing for the project. 

We hope this is just the beginning and others step forward to contribute as we go into our next phase of the journey to create a network of marine reserves and fully protected areas in New Zealand. 

All the best with your projects

Vince Kerr


August 11, 2017

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